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what is the process of working with an interior designer?

Working with our interior designers and interior architects is an exciting and creative process. To help you understand, we are be happy to give you a brief general overview of what your project with us could look like:

Initial consultation

  • You and our interior designer meet, usually in our showroom or directly at your location, to discuss your goals, preferences and budget.

  • Share your ideas, inspiration and your specific requirements.

Budget determination

  • The designer helps set a realistic budget for the project.

  • This includes not only the fees, but also the costs for furnishings, materials and any contractors and craftsmen involved.

Interior design concept development

  • The interior designer will now create a design concept tailored to you.

  • This can include furniture plans, furniture selection, materials and color concepts.

Interior Design Presentation

  • The interior designer presents you with the first design concept.

  • You can give feedback and discuss any desired changes.

Detailed interior design planning

  • Once the concept is approved, the interior designer creates detailed plans and specifications.

  • This can include finished furniture plans and views, as well as the selected furniture and material selection.


  • The interior designer will begin bringing the plan to life.

  • This may include coordinating with contractors, purchasing furniture and decor, and overseeing the remodeling project.

Regular updates

  • You will receive regular updates on the project progress.

  • Communication is key and your input is valued throughout the process.

Completion of the project

  • The interior designer presents you with the finished project.

  • Any final adjustments or additions can be discussed.

The scope of the project and the time required vary greatly depending on the project. Depending on the scope, projects can last between three months and several years.

Should you like to know more about our services, we are happy to provide further information.


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